…And We’re Back

A few years ago I let some technical difficulties become an excuse for giving up on my blog. I had big dreams and high hopes for it. I hired someone to design it and then I waited to see what she came up with. And I waited. And I waited some more. I let an entire year go by before I demanded my money back. Then I had issues with the site I was using to host my blog. I paid extra money so that it appeared more easily in search engines but could NEVER find it {no matter what search tool I used}! I got frustrated with everything and I abandoned it.

Then I got busy. Life got in the way.

But now I’m back. I’m ready to do all the things I said I would do. I’m ready to take my ideas and run with them! I hope you’ll join me on this crazy journey and see where it leads me!

ciao for now

Catherine Calligraphy

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