Snow Day | Snow Cream

It’s another snow day here and we spent it making some snow cream! It’s a Southern thing, y’all. It’s exactly what you think it is: ice cream made with snow! The best part about it for me {and hubs} is that I use Lactaid Milk to make it so it’s lactose-free ice cream!! Score for the tummy! Too bad baby girl isn’t old enough to have some…she’s very upset that she’s missing out!snow cream


I don’t know what the technical recipe is but I splash a little milk in a bowl {let’s say 1/2 cup?}, add a few spoonfuls of sugar {1 tsp?}, and then the tiniest bit of vanilla extract. Mix it up and then scoop some fresh snow in there and mix until creamy. Remember: don’t eat the yellow snow! {sorry, I had to!} Makes one serving. All that fluffy vanilla goodness. Yum!

Have you ever tried it? Maybe you’ve doctored it up with some chocolate or another type of extract? Perhaps a snow-cream-rootbeer-float? Tell me all about it!!

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