Travel Essentials: CarryOn

I’m counting down the days {less than 2!} until I’m on the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico!! I will spend the majority of that time stressing over what clothes to pack and running last minutes errands. But one thing I won’t need to worry about it what to put in my carryon bag because I’ve got that down to a science! That helps a lot because the hubs and I have a ton of travel planned in 2014 and I can rest a little easier knowing that my essentials are taken care of.

Travel Essentails Carryon - City Southern Blog

When I fly, I have a bit of a routine. I guess it started when I was flying back and forth between school and home.

  • Outfit: I wear comfortable clothes {nothing that ties in the back, nothing that is too tight or is uncomfortable when sitting down}. I wear long sleeves or layers if I’m going someplace warm.
  • Getting Through Security: I wear slip-on shoes to make this process a little easier. I do not wear a belt and I try not to wear a heavy coat. I keep the jewelry to a minimum and usually don’t put most of it on until after I get through security. Make sure you empty your pockets!
  • To Check, or Not to Check: If I check luggage with my clothes inside, I make sure to have an extra shirt and an extra pair of underwear in my carryon! You never know when your luggage will get lost so it’s better to be prepared. That being said, I never check my bag unless I have to.
  • Organized Baggage: I use a rolling suitcase and my carryon bag sits on top. {My Tumi is great because it’s soft-sided and can easily be squished in the overhead compartment if necessary.} I try to pack my purse in the suitcase and just put my wallet in the carryon. My phone {with electronic boarding pass!} and ID goes in an outside carryon pocket for easy access.

Now let’s get specific!

The bag you use is just as important as the items you put inside. The most important things I look for in a carryon bag are interior organizers and pockets, and a pocket in the back that allows the bag to slide over the handle of a rolling suitcase. The bag I am obsessed with for these exact reasons is the Lo and Sons OG bag. UHB.SESS.DUH.

LoOG I mean, do you see all the interior goodness going on? You can fit a ton of things inside – things neatly tucked away in compartments. I first learned about it when Julie did a review on her blog, Table for Two. Check it out here. She picked the slightly smaller version, the “OMG” bag.

OG Inside

Get it HERE

I try not to take a computer with me when I travel simply because it adds a lot of weight, but I do take my iPad with me. I mostly use this on the plane to read magazines rather than carry a million paper copies. The Kindle app is good for the same purpose. iPad definitely goes in a protective case inside the carryon bag.

Carryon Essentails at CitySouthernBlog - iPad

{Porter Magazine | iPad Sleeve}

I have a little cosmetic pouch that holds all my small but important things so they don’t get lost in the bottom of my bag. Most of the time, this bag goes in whatever purse I’m carrying and of course, it goes in my carryon when I travel. A sampling of items included: A snack, pain meds and Benadryl, travel size lint roller, a few dollars and coins, minty gum, nail file, hair accessories and a sleep mask. The sleep mask comes in handy for longer flights or International flights! I also have a jewelry pouch inside this particular cosmetic bag. I keep a few extra pairs of staple stud earrings in there and when I take off any jewelry it goes here to keep from losing or damaging it!

Don’t forget a stash of makeup basics! When you get off the plane you can make a quick stop in the ladies’ room without having to dig to the bottom of your suitcase. This is important when you are headed somewhere straight from the airport or you just need to freshen up your makeup a bit. {Makeup that you may or may not have smeared all over your face while snoozing away on the plane!}

Carryon Essentails at City Southern Blog

{Cosmetic Bag | Pill Box | Jewelry Pouch | Snack Bar | Sleep Mask | Hair Ties | Lip Balm | Eyeliner}

Another cosmetic bag is filled with phone chargers, headphones, and any other electronic accessories I need. I must admit, my big headphones take up a lot of space, but the “ear buds” that sit inside your ear hurt me and I just can’t wear them! I do love the look of these Beats by Dr. Dre ones. They match my favorite FRENDS headphones!

Carryon Essentails - Electronics at CitySouthernBlog

{Case | USB Charger | FRENDS Headphones | Ear Bud Headphones}

I am a LIST fanatic, and I prefer paper + pen. I also make sure I have a black Sharpie marker with me. Ya know, for all those autographs people ask me for? {just kidding!!} Seriously though, I’m amazed at how often I need to use it!

Carryon Essentails at City Southern Blog

{Notebooks | Sharpie}

I’m always cold when I’m indoors anyway, but on a plane I’m freezing! As I mentioned, I wear slip on shoes through security and that doesn’t include socks, so I keep a pair of cozy socks in my carryon bag. If my feet are cold, my whole body is cold so socks take care of that problem! An open front cardigan helps with the chill as well, and goes with just about any outfit. You could also use a pashmina!

Carryon Essentails at City Southern Blog

{Cardigan | Socks}

I should also mention that wherever possible, I have these items stored separately from things I use everyday so that I don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting down things to pack. And although this isn’t everything in my bag, it’s a pretty close representation and genuinely includes the items I use and love, similar items, or items that are on my wishlist. There are also things like sunglasses and an umbrella that are generally included even though they aren’t listed above. There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all formula for a carryon bag, but I hope that seeing my list gives you some inspiration!

Got anything to add? Comment below!

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