Baby Valentine

Valentine’s Day was truly never a favorite of mine. It still isn’t a favorite holiday but it’s nice to feel extra loved and wear hearts, and I do get a little bit excited for Avery. She still has no clue what a “holiday” is and she can’t grasp the concept of having a Valentine but she does love all the things that go along with February 14th! A few weekends ago we snagged a few new pieces for Avery’s wardrobe that are perfect for the lovey-dovey occassion. I thought I’d share a bit of our heart-filled favorites for baby girl this year!

Baby Valentine

1: Heart Pajamas | 2: Sequin Heart Tee {long sleeve version} | 3: SMOOCH Hoodie | 4. Mother & Daughter Heart Necklaces | 5: Stripe Heart Tee | 6: Pink Hearts | 7: Knee Patch Jeggings | 8: Canvas Tote | 9. Heart Tutu Skirt

Avery uses hoodies and jackets as a security blanket. This morning she cried {REAL tears} because she wanted to put on “Jackie” but it was downstairs. This cream colored *smooch* hoodie from J.Crew will make her so insanely happy! These tops and bottoms are great for mixing and matching. None of them are too over-the-top so they can be worn until she grows out of them {which, let’s face it – could very well be BEFORE Valentine’s Day! #growslikeaweed} The canvas tote from is adorable for Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year! I hardly ever use a “diaper bag” these days but this provides just enough room for a few extra toys and clothes when we are going to a friend’s house or to visit with the g-parents. It might also find it’s way to Trader Joe’s!

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How to Wear Animal Prints

Okay so last week we learned about the difference between animal prints. Hopefully you learned something! I still stand by my original statement: Leopard IS a neutral. But maybe you’re still unsure about using the prints? It can be intimidating!

If you’re a scaredy-cat {pun intended!} then I want to suggest a few ways to take baby steps toward incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe.

LBD Animal copy

Dorothy Perkins LBD | Leopard BeltCheetah Belt

Step 1: Pair animal print of your choice with another neutral. I’d pick black or jeans.

Step 2: Wear small amounts of animal print. Shoes | Purse | Belt

Step 3: Prepare yourself to receive overwhelming compliments.

Leopard with Jeans

Lace Top | Jeans | Leopard Pumps

If you already wear animal prints you might be looking for something a little less basic. You can always add a bold color instead of a neutral. You can glam up your jewelry with a crystal statement necklace or statement earrings. One of the ways I like to wear my animal prints is with black and white stripes!

How to wear animal prints on City Southern Blog

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

It’s all personal preference but I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment a little! If you try any of these ideas, I’d love to hear about it! Post about it on my City Southern Facebook Page, tag it on Instagram #citysouthern, or just comment below!

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The Difference Between Animal Prints

Fact: Leopard is a neutral.

Fact: Products are often mislabeled as leopard.

Fact: I get annoyed every time someone describes an animal print as leopard when it is not.

Let’s discuss…

{Cheetah Print} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

The cheetah’s spots are separate, distinct, and round{ish}. You can see they are not perfect circles, but they are solid black shapes. {There is such a creature as the “King Cheetah” which also has stripes down its back but for this lesson, we’ll just stick to the spots.}

{Leopard Print} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

The leopard’s spots are more of a rosette – a lighter color surrounded by an irregular ring of darker color.

{Jaguar Print} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

And if you want to take this one step further, add small dark spots to the middle of that rosette and you have yourself a jaguar, not a leopard.

If you’re looking at the head of one of these big cats, you could easily  be confused because the spots closest to the face on a leopard and a jaguar can be more solid and resemble cheetah spots. If you’re having trouble telling the difference, it’s probably  best to look at the body of the animal. If, however, you are looking at shoe or a purse, there is probably no face to look at and it should be stupid-simple to figure out. Here’s a cheat-sheet for you!

{Animal Print Cheat Sheet} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

Even though it annoys me, I completely understand when a company uses the term leopard print to describe what is basically a generic animal print. It makes it much easier to sell! I don’t often search for “jaguar print” and the magazines aren’t doing spreads on the hottest “jaguar” shoes this season. The two prints are very similar so be it confusion or marketing strategy, I’ll go ahead and let this one slide. But I do not understand when a leopard label is used to describe something that is actually cheetah print. They are quite different.

Think you know the difference now? Let’s test:

{Test your animal print IQ} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

{did you really think I’d put the answers here?! scroll to the end!}

{Mislabeled Animal Prints!} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city southern.wordpress.comabeled Animals

These flats are marketed as leopard but as you can see by the center dots of the rosettes they are technically jaguar print. I actually own these flats and I refer to them as my “leopard” flats. They are close enough and I don’t feel like explaining myself when I say jaguar. But this clutch. Oh, this gorgeous Clare Vivier clutch on my must-have list. It’s clearly cheetah and it’s labeled as leopard. Why, oh why?! {Okay, it’s amazing enough to forgive.}

Well hopefully you learned something! Thanks for allowing me to vent! Next week, I’ll share some tips on how to incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe!

{Test your animal print IQ} Learn the difference between animal prints on City Southern Blog! city

Answer to test {left to right}: Cheetah | Jaguar | Leopard

Ciao for now!

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TGIF on Instagram

Happy Friday!

I have this little sign hanging up in my office. It’s  from Paperchat on Etsy. Meagen was even kind enough to customize it a bit for me! {She has an option that’s spelled ya’ll but I asked for the proper, southern spelling!} Her designs are amazeballs and the sayings she uses are right up my alley. I definitely need to go back for one of the gold prints to hang in my home office!

paperchat lose my mind

I love you coworkers ::mostly:: but “y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here”. {Recognize the DMX lyrics?!} How perfect is this for an office as crazy as mine?!

Anywhoo, today I really thought I was going to ‘lose my mind’ so I braved the cold and did a little bauble shopping. Posted a photo of my purchases on Instagram. Do you follow me on Instagram yet? Go take a look to find out what I bought!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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SJP Shoes

Did you watch Sex and the City? Did you drool over Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection? The girl may not have had her love life together very often, and I certainly didn’t agree with her outfit choices 100% of the time…but there’s no denying that she always had The. Best. Shoes.

Well Sarah Jessica Parker is bringing Carrie’s shoe obsession to life with her very own line of shoes launching exclusively at NordstromSJP Shoes at  Nordstrom

{image via}

The shoes are available online and in select stores February 28 and I can’t wait to stop by and check them out. I’ve gotten a glimpse at some of the styles and there is a very large possibility that I might be bringing a pair home with me. Now I just have to try to control myself until then and not buy a ton of other shoes so I can justify the purchase. Wish me luck!

ciao for now

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